Consultancy support for directors and boards

This could mean anything, couldn’t it?

And that’s just the point. We’re here to help you with advice and support on virtually any boardroom issue you care to name.

We have an outstanding team of specialist consultants who’ve seen it all before. They’d be more than happy to give you the benefit of their experience and expertise.

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Annual Report benchmarking

Our consultants provide benchmarked assessments of where your organisation is positioned against a pre-specified peer / best practice reporting group. Our approach will help to show reporting progression over several reporting periods; support changes to legacy reporting styles and refresh corporate reporting approach; provide confidence to the Board that reporting disclosures are being met; and provide reassurance on relative reporting position.

Sam is our lead consultant in this specialist area.

Board evaluation

Our consultants provide facilitated board evaluations designed to meet the specific needs of organisations wanting to assess the effectiveness of their boards.

Our board evaluation service focuses on introducing external expertise and best practice to your existing board behaviours and processes. Our approach acknowledges organisational distinctiveness, while recognising that many of the issues occupying the minds of board members are universal.

Our consultants encourage board members to take time out to explore and assess their skills and the board practices necessary to gain an understanding of the organisations they lead and the increasingly dynamic nature of the marketplace and environments in which they operate. We provide a tried and tested process for evaluating a board, including the complex and sensitive nature of boardroom dynamics, behaviours, culture and processes as well as assessing the quality and flow of information available to the board.

Sam is our lead consultant in this area, with Amanda for VCSEs and David for international boards.

Business model review

Our consultants can work with your senior management team to conduct an effective review of your business model designed to unlock value creation potential. Support is provided to help you clearly and succinctly communicate your business model to a variety of stakeholders. Our consultants will assess the alignment of your value proposition across different stakeholder audiences to improve the power and authenticity of your message. Overall, our approach enables you to clearly articulate purpose and long-term sustainable value creation.

Sam is our lead consultant in this area, with Paul for detailed modelling, David for international operations and (another) David for VCSE and public sector corporate venturing.

Corporate messaging

We can provide support and facilitation services to work with key personnel and stakeholders to identify core messages, themes and reporting style. Our services are designed to support organisations with a range of disclosures including S.172 disclosures and integrated reporting as well as a range of communication collateral designed for a variety of audiences.

We can also support directors and others in the personal delivery of the corporate message – whether that’s addressing shareholders, investors, clients or staff.

Sam is our lead consultant in this area, with Susie for support in personal delivery.

Purpose, culture and values

Our consultants work with organisations to identify why they do what they do and to reflect their core values and beliefs. Boards have a responsibility to establish the tone at the top of an organisation and are increasingly coming under pressure to allocate more resources to corporate culture engagement. Purpose and values shape culture and our consultants will help you to explore a clear sense of purpose built around a set of values that will inform actions, results and disclosures.

Sam is our lead consultant in this area, with Amanda for VCSEs.

Stakeholder engagement

Our consultants can help you develop your stakeholder engagement plan from scratch or simply provide independent third-party facilitation, focused on issues affecting organisational success. We provide practical, pragmatic, impartial support right through to rolling out and documenting your stakeholder engagement strategy and results.

We will take time to explore your goals and intentions, and guide you through the stakeholder identification process – allowing you to categorise, prioritise and understand your existing and potential stakeholder relationships. We can help shape your stakeholder engagement experience and support various engagement interventions. Our consultants can also help you explore the results, enabling you to respond to feedback and create tailored messages designed to strengthen stakeholder support. This includes supporting directors and others in the personal delivery of specific stakeholder messages.

Sam is our lead consultant in this area, with Susie for support in personal delivery.

For a no-obligation discussion about whether and how we could help you with a boardroom issue, please just give us a call on 01582 714285 and we’ll happily put you in touch with a consultant, so that you can discuss it directly with them on a ‘no obligation’ basis.